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Know thyself.


health is our

greatest wealth.


Mind your chakras


Everything is energy,
Energy is everything.



​Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only be transferred or changed from one form to another.


It stands to reason that our physical body, our moods, and emotions follow this format.  Thus in understanding our energetic embodiment,

we have the power to transform. 


You have the ability to take control of your emotions, reactions, and patterned behavior by first becoming aware of them, then understanding them, and ultimately altering these lower vibrational behaviors for healthier ones.


This is mindful energy management.

Everything you need is already within you, tap into it.




WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO "Mind Your Chakras?" 

The Chakra system is our body's energetic system. While there are approximately 10,000 chakras throughout our body, there are 7 major Chakras running through the midline of our torso.  These 7 major centers are receptors that receive, organize, assimilate, and transmit energy.  

Each of the 7 major Chakras have varying characteristics and responsibilities in not only our energetic body, but our physical and emotional body. 


By minding the Chakras, we can systematically and mindfully outline a program for increased health and wellness as well as consistent maintenance for Mind, Body, and Soul. 

'Energetic imbalances in the chakras, either excessive or deficient, may exhibit as physical and/or emotional symptoms.'

FEATURED Article of Thought 

MEET Tiffany | Mind, Body, Spirit Coach

Meet the mind behind Mind Your Chakras

Tiffany’s nearly lifelong astute curiosity of the mind/body connection has led her on a robust path of studying and practicing the power of self-healing and a deep desire to share and empower others with that knowledge. She is a firm believer in the importance of managing our energy, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, for total health.  



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