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The healing power of a Reiki treatment. San Diego Reiki, Distant Remote Reiki

What is Reiki?


Reiki is an ancient Japanese relaxation technique that promotes healing.  When the body is relaxed it is able to find homeostasis and more efficiently do what it is designed to do... HEAL!


Reiki assists in releasing energetics blocks in the body which may have resulted from stress, unprocessed emotions, traumatic events, or simply everyday life. 

What happens in a Mind Your Chakras Reiki session?


We begin with a brief chat about what you are looking to accomplish and what you may be experiencing in your physical and/or emotional body.

A chakra reading will be done to gain input from the energy in each chakra at the beginning of the session.

The Reiki session itself, consists of light laying on of hands on major joints of the body as well as working in the auric field. Distant reiki is also possible, as energy is not bound by time, space, or distance. 

Following the Reiki we will debrief on the experience and discuss any intuitive counseling that may have arisen during your session.


Bonus: Energy Oracle card reading for fun and possible extra guidance/validation.  


About Classes:

"The clarity in explanation – all of Tiff’s examples and analogies made learning the material easy and understandable. She made all of the lessons accessible by using real-life examples."  Cat C. 

About Classes:

“It was an absolute gift from the universe to be able take Reiki Level One with Tiffany. Offering a fully encompassing and powerful experience, Tiffany has crafted a brilliantly balanced approach to sharing Reiki and does so in a way that highlights the reach, and honors the depth of this ancient healing modality. She fused together the philosophy and history, lineage and wisdom, and practical use and application in a way that left me feeling capable of, and deeply connected to the profound self-healing and life-affirming powers of Reiki. Tiffany's empathy, wisdom, and highly developed intuition were the most impactful of all; ensuring a rich understanding, emotionally validated, physically sound, and energetically charged journey with immediate absorption and long lasting transformation. Illuminating and subtle, tangible and beyond the physical realm- Tiffany’s Reiki training is foundational and comprehensive, divinely encapsulating Reiki and its essential role in a holistic and integrative human experience.”  Jenny T.

About Reiki Sessions:

"As a reiki healer Tiffany's guided me through some difficult times and helped me understand the power of reiki. She's a healer on so many levels and has the knowledge and capacity to do so. I highly recommend her private sessions which are individualized, intuitive, and specific to your needs. Thank you Tiffany!"  Sasha E. 

About Reiki Sessions:

"When I first saw Tiffany, I was in a constant state of exhaustion.  Over months of reiki sessions, I found my energy coming back in ways I never knew I had. Tiffany taught me how to protect my good energy and how not to take in negative energy from others.  My daily energy levels are much better than they ever have been.  As a person, Tiffany is kind, generous, trustworthy, ethical, and extremely hard working.  She really understands energy and chakras and is a master of her work. I have referred many friends and family to her and everyone loves her.  Go and see her - you won't regret it!" Brittany H.

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