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Tiffany Schrade

Hi!  I'm Tiffany.


I have an insatiable desire to learn, matched only by my desire to seek life's potential and help others' do the same. 


I believe in energy and it's driving force in life.  My goal is to educate about this intrinsic vitality so we can all feel better and live better! 


Hailing, originally from the North East and currently residing in San Diego, CA, I graduated from Bentley University in 2002 with a business degree and a deep seeded, secret passion for science with a concentration in human well-being.

Intermittently, finding myself working in various high stress corporate settings afforded me the "gift" of gaining valuable knowledge of the imminent stresses of everyday life.  Experiencing the inevitable toll stress takes on our mind, body and soul gave me the drive to wholeheartedly pursue an understanding of how to deal with its implications, manage it and help support others along the way. 

My studies and certifications include:


mPEAK Mindfulness Coach, 2021 

Neuro Linguisitic Coach, 2020


NASM CES, 2020

Bheemashakti Yoga Instructor, 2017

Vinyasa Yoga Instructor, 2014

NASM, CPT, 2004


Reiki Master Teacher, 2016  

Reiki Level II Practitioner, 2014

Reiki Level I Practitioner, 2014


Making jewelry is one of my greatest passions. I started making jewelry because I couldn't find what I was looking for, so I created it. I love making beautiful things that bring people joy to see and to wear and to share that enjoyment by way of compliments and gift giving, which raises our vibration. A talking point to bring others together, to find common ground in beauty. Above all its an expression of creativity that I have found to be a vital need in my life. 


The Mind Your Chakras healing line is a convergence of my passion for creativity and the reverence of Mother Nature’s natural healing power contained within it’s own creation. The Earth is our most powerful resource of healing and wellness and she provides us with all we need, if we are to seek, understand, and experience it. This line combines that profound resource with my intention to bring mindfulness and awareness of this healing providence all packed into a beautiful handmade piece to adorn your beautiful soul. 

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Featured article in SD Voyager about Mind Yo
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