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ABALONE: enhances communication, cooperation, commitment and compromise, which lead to harmony and balance, a                                       representation of dealing with life ebbs and flows, being tumbled and resultant beauty of riding life’s tide such as the                             Abalone shell itself

AGATE: re-balances body, mind and spirit, cleanses and stabilizes the aura, eliminates and transforms negativity,

            BLACK- grounding and protective, provides inner strength to move on

            BLUE LACE- supports expressing thoughts and feelings

            GREEN- enhances mental and emotional flexibility, overcomes negativity and bitterness of the heart

            MOSS- improves ego and self-esteem, emotional balance and strengthens positive personality traits

            ORANGE- soothing and calming stone that builds great strength, balances yin and yang, facilitates self-acceptance

            WHITE- stone of strength, considered stone of hope, offers courage and protection


AMETHYST: healing and cleansing, promotes tranquility and emotional centering, eases headaches and stress

ANGELITE: stone of awareness and communication, facilitates peacefulness, helps speak your truth


AMBER: promotes self-confidence and creative self-expression, encourages decision-making, spontaneity and brings wisdom,                          balance and patience.


AQUAMARINE: stone of courage, useful for moving through transition and change, its cleansing energy removing resistance and                                 helping one overcome fear of the unknown

AVENTURINE: promotes feelings of well-being, heals and harmonizes the heart, promotes compassion, empathy and perseverance


BASALT LAVA: strength and courage, allows stability through change, stone of rebirth, grounding and calming

BIAN: increases activation of water molecules in the body and absorption of oxygen into cells, anti-inflammatory, grounding

CARNELIAN: restores vitality and motivation, stimulates creativity, protector against envy, rage and resentment


CHYRSOPRASE: calming stone that creates openness to new situations, reduces fear and replaces it with unconditional love,                                          soothes heartache and loneliness

CINNABAR: assists in following divine path, stone of transformation, enhances inspired thinking and communication

FLUORITE: highly protective, increases self-confidence, draws off negative energy

GARNET: revitalizes, purifies and balances energy, bringing serenity or passion as appropriate, inspires love and devotion, bringing                    courage and hope, sharpens perceptions of oneself and others, opens the heart and bestows self-confidence

HEMATITE: grounding and protecting, dissolves and prevents negative energies, imparts confidence and willpower

JADE: signifies wisdom gathered in tranquility, promotes self-sufficiency, aids emotional release, especially of irritability

            HONEY- increases flexibility, powerful emotional balance, fosters respect for the body, promotes a peaceful mind


JASPER: nurturing, healing and spirit stones of strength and stability, promotes courage and grounding

            OCEAN- assists in accepting responsibilities and instills patience, absorbs negative energies and aligns the chakras,                                         "supreme nurturer" in times of stress

LABRADORITE: strengthens faith in the self and trust in the universe, stimulates the imagination and calms an overactive mind

MAGNESITE: promotes tolerance from emotional stress, aids in allowing one to be grounded in the presence of others' unstable                                 behavior, helpful in practicing unconditional love

MOONSTONE: a stone for new beginnings, inner growth and strength. Supportive of transitions. Soothes emotional instability and                                 stress, and stabilizes the emotions, providing calmness

OBSIDIAN: very powerful grounding and protective stone. Repels negativity, re-balances unstable energies

ONYX: promotes vigor, steadfastness and stamina, banishes grief, enhances self-control and stimulates the power of wise decision-                making

QUARTZ: “Master Healer”

            CLEAR- most powerful healing stone, amplifies energy of all other stones, balances all chakras

            ROSE- stone of universal love, purifies and opens the heart at all levels to promote love, self-love, friendship, deep inner                                   healing and feelings of peace, encourages self-forgiveness and acceptance invoking self-trust and self-worth

            SMOKEY- grounding and anchoring, raises vibrations during meditation, protective, relieves fear, lifts depression, brings                                       emotional calmness


RHODONITE:  stone of compassion, aids in achieving one’s highest potential, encourages unselfish self-love and forgiveness, builds                           confidence and alleviates confusion

SANDSTONE: assists in building and strengthening of cohesiveness and solidarity within relationships and groups, strengthens the                             mind to prevent distractions

SERPENTINE: aids in meditation, enhances spiritual exploration, corrects mental and emotional imbalances helping you to feel more                            in control of your life, assists the conscious direction of healing energy toward problem areas

SODALITE: unites logic and intuition, promotes self-truth, calms the mind to allow for new information and stimulates the release of                         old mental conditioning

TIGERS EYE: stone of discernment, protective, promotes clarity of intention, heals issues of self-worth and self-criticism, helps clear                          creative blocks

TOURMALINE: aids in understanding oneself and others, promotes self-confidence and diminishes fear, attracts inspiration,                                         compassion, tolerance and prosperity

            PINK- releases guilt, worry, depression and anxieties, and guides those emotions into self-love.

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