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Reiki 101: What is it? How does it work?

Everything is energy. What we see and touch is just energy vibrating at a frequencies low enough to create matter. Things we can’t see, such as sound, are higher vibrating frequencies, yet still energy.

A super smart dude by the name of Albert Einstein noted, "Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another."

Energy can shift it's vibration, so what we tend to judge as good or bad, exciting or boring, black or white is literally energy vibrating at a certain frequency. By changing the frequency, we have the power to change the behavior of the energy, however we are never creating new energy or obliterating an existing energy, we simply transmute frequencies.

The practice of Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing, as well as a heightened mindfulness of energy and it's beneficial application in our life.

The word Reiki literally translates into "royal (or divine) life force energy." "Ki" is Japanese for life force energy, otherwise referred to as Chi (Chinese) and Prana (Sanskrit).

Reiki helps to break up energetic blocks, boost low ki or calm overactive ki. Essentially, smooth out our life force energy so that it can flow freely through our body, assisting in a healthy state of being.

Energy is intelligent, if we allow it the space to do it's work, the energy of nature (we as humans are nature's energy) is always trying to find balance. This is especially true for our physical bodies. However, as humans, we have free will and we make choices, sometimes those choices interfere with balance. While the body is designed to heal, sometimes we just need to offer a little extra assistance.

All healing is self-chosen, it is making a conscious, intentful choice to change what is at dis-ease. It is within each individual person to make a conscious decision to accept the path of healing. A Reiki practitioner is trained to hold space and assist you in your journey of self healing. Give it a try! You deserve the blissful wealth that is our health!!

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