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You're a Hypocrite and so am I! (the great divide)

The very essence of our being, as a human, is hypocritical. We are comprised of a super high vibrating source energy, of pure light, perfection, and wisdom; housed in an energetic vibration slowed down so much that it creates the matter of our physical body, which I lovingly refer to as our meatsuit, accessorized with the gift of an ego, which tethers us here, to our Earthly experience. This is hypocrisy at its best.  Yet, it is that ego, the untrained, adolescent mind, arrogant enough to believe it is all you are, is the distractor that pulls our attention from our true sense of Self and our very nature. Albeit a necessary ally in our Earthly experience, yet a jester in the court amongst royals. Before I tangent too far, we’ll leave a deeper dive into that topic for my book, due out, this lifetime. 

I think it’s safe to say that 2020 and ALL its happenings are certainly highlighting the nature of our innate hypocrisy.

Nature. A self sufficient phenomen, serving humanity as an example of cohesive coexistence. 

As the Earth rotates around the sun and spins on its axis, the planet, in its natural state of being, cycles through blooming and rebirth. Lessons of shedding the old, moving on and renewal to keep everything in balance. It’s innate intelligence exemplifies acceptance, surrender, and passage into the next phase, sometimes peaceful, other times not, relinquishing any amount of self righteousness in order to change what is, to what's next. Wisdom in its own rite. Nature retains a superconsciousness that has yet to be masterfully executed by the human species. 

Although, we try. Maybe.

Our current times prove that the human species still has much to learn from nature of how to smoothly evolve into critical new paradigms. Human nature is in the midst of a MUCH needed paradigm shift, read: 2020! It may be perceived as awful times but the bottom line is that human nature does as human nature does. Time after time, decade after decade, millenia after millenia, we've been repeating these cycles. Painful cycles. When will we learn? Will we learn? At some point will we face the fact that the misunderstanding and misuse of our egos will be, and HAS been, our greatest downfall? Can we learn that there are ways to ease into these imperative shifts, not resisting the necessary and rewarding, yet slightly uncomfortable, upgrade in consciousness?  Are we willing to face the necessary tension required to catalyze growth, and see it for the teacher it is, or will we allow the discomfort to divert us from the true path, only to be painfully redirected over again until we learn. 

We are in an extreme time of many divisive perspectives bombarding our every day; polarizing our opinions and our options. Hypocrisy running rampant, finger pointing at the quickdraw, and an indignation to look at and take accountability of our own personal actions. Where are we being hypocritical and are we taking responsibility for it, before we beat down on our brothers and sisters to stand up for ONE ideology that's operating in a silo. People who claim “Love is their religion” are spewing “justified” hate at the opposition. (I put justified in quotes to emphasize the stark contradiction.)  Love doesn't make exceptions for conditions based on judgements, even if that judgment is fairly pervasive with a significant consensus. It doesn’t. THIS is hypocrisy at its worst. The ego making judgements is hypocritical to our natural state of love, yet we house the capacity for both.  

Love is not hypocritical, love is not conditional, love is not sanctioned to those fitting some bill created out of personal perception and preference. It is for ALL. And if there was more of it, AND a true understanding of what love really is, we wouldn’t be fraught with disharmonious feelings when faced with the realities of others’ choices in their perspectives and opinions. We may not agree, and we may seek to encourage a change in a perspective we, personally, feel is ultimately incorrect. However, what Love does is take into account the dynamic, gross enormity of variability in the formation of every single individuals’ creation of their own reality and perception.  Because Love knows, this human experience is not simply binary, it’s not ones and zeroes, rights and wrongs. Perception is everything

As we, the United States, and even the world, brace for impact in the coming month of what has already been a trying year, we would be wise to be mindful of the impact of polarity.  While polarity is a universal principle and a necessary function of this existence, recognizing what it is teaching and when it is calling us to move towards neutrality.  This November will bring upon the people a very divided joy and wrath, either way it swings.  Half the population will be livid and the other half joyously basking… A continued divide. An unhealthy maintenance of bipolarity.  Nature in its wisdom seeks homeostasis, for balance, reparations, and continued life, however, our species seems to bathe in the indiscretions of egoic tantrums, once again going against our true nature.

There are divided households, divided families, divided relationships, all of which are based on a political preference. And I hear as well as feel, the argument, “but it’s deeper than that, it’s about character, beliefs, actions,  blah blah blah,” but I ask you is your perception of right or wrong, built on a foundation of experience containing a multiverse worth or dynamic variable experiences worth setting ablaze the one true constant that humanity is truly built on…? That of which is love. And truly, in enforcing that personal belief of right or wrong, creating your own personal walls against your human family, have you been able to holistically step into your brothers’ or sisters’ shoes to unequivocally understand how they’ve perceived and formulated their understanding of the world around them, to override the natural rhythm of Love? I doubt it. 

Your relationships, your community, your family, is love, is our nature, connectedness is NOT an opinion, it is a scientifically proven fact!  In my opinion, allowing our capacity to be hypocritical, tunnel visioned, blind sighted, and stand firmly by a political opinion, or any opinion for that matter, at the expense of your relationships with loved ones and community is, well, just dumb. But like I said, that’s just my opinion, and hypocritically to everything I just said, I will stand firmly in it! I will, however, on my honor, try not to pass on that label to those I see doing, what I perceive as dumb, and lean more to the side of looking upon each human lovingly, knowing their journey is hard and they are doing the best to the capacity they know how. 

Now if we understand the true nature of Love and the true nature of Self, as well as the doings of that crazy toddler minded ego, it’d be just as easy to exclaim, “do your own, hopefully informed, thing, mind your business, benevolently, and love your neighbor as yourself.” Your neighbor, your family, your environment, your planet, is all a part of YOU! Your politics are not, but the politics definitely has a knack for drawing out that hypocritical tendency.

Unfortunately, however, the above statement is not so simply applied. The biggest unseen contender is the force that is herding people and distracting them into looking outside themselves for answers, for “facts,” for “freedom,” and an ever pervasive opportunity to blame and project. 

Fear eludes us from knowing Truth. Fear is so strong it can wipe your mainframe from all you know to be true and become swept up in the external information around you, negating the innate wisdom that resides within, exhibited by Nature. Because you, my friend, are nature, with a little bit of baggage, but ultimately nature.  Fear is a distractor away from that internal source of knowing and of love. When you are distracted from your center, you are more susceptible to chaos, anxiety, fear, lack of control, because you have handed control off to something or someone else.     

Think for yourself has become a bit of a bastardized theory. It has become, yet still, another externalized pattern wherein “thinking for one’s self” becomes a raging out or resistance to something, rather than actually, going within and taking an inventory of how YOU are living and expressing your energy. Can we sit quietly and listen to the language of our true nature, the vibration of love? CAN we take responsibility for our own propensity towards hypocrisy and tunnel vision, see OURSELVES in the hypocrisy of others, and try to compassionately see that we are all just trying to survive. Rather than react with anger, can we react with love, forgiveness, kindness, and maybe open a door for others to see into your world and you into theirs, as opposed to slamming the door shut in their face, creating a tourniquet and cutting off the flow of Nature and Love?  Simply because of a difference in perspective?

This is not a proclamation for the allowance of deceptive continued hypocrisy, but in the cases where we encounter people, with differing opinions than ours, which we may, from our own personal perspective, deem against everything that person supposedly stands for, make room for the empathy that ensures us we are all fighting a hard journey of reconciling the innate tension of hypocrisy that resides within our own makeup; spirit and human. Can we have compassion, grace, empathy, and ultimately respect that comes from a self admittance of the fact that we don't know everything! We DO NOT know every intricacy of any other person; what they’ve been through, how they feel, how they observe this experience of life! Can we respect their journey and still Love!? 

One of my most helpful internal monologues, when frustrated by indiscretions of our species that inspire me to willingingly and consciously step into judgement, was gifted to me by a 4 year old. This lovely little spirit sat witness to my friends making fun of me, all in good humor, of course. This special little sensitive soul felt the subtle underpinnings of character debasement and she chirped up to face the aggressors, 34 years her senior, defending “you guys, leave her alone! She’s learning!” What an expression of love, understanding and true wisdom. This 4 year old had demonstrated the intelligence we are all born into, yet sadly, it seems this type of insight, let’s call it compassion, empathy, and awareness, is learned away as we become shaped by our environments, culture, and most terrifyingly, media! We begin to forget. We forget our connectedness. We forget our lovingness. We forget our origin. The origin of pureness and oneness. We are not separate. If a global pandemic and a virus that makes no judgement of class, race, gender, or age has not taught us this… then I, and likely the powerful forces of the entire universe, do NOT know what will. Of course I speculate on what it is the all powerful universe knows, but I’m willing to bet my ego on this one!

What I have witnessed, studied, and come to whole-heartedly believe is that there is an intelligence greater than our ego, and it knows ultimately how to right itself. This is why Nature sustains, this is why our physical bodies repair.  It is when our egos enter the picture, casting thoughts of self doubt and fear leading to sensations of hate, upset, frustration, anger, disdain. There’s been A LOT of that lately, huh? It seems contradictory that there is so much dialogue and anger about political policies robbing the American people of their freedom.  It brings to mind the Smashing Pumpkins lyric, “despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage.” What’s ironic to me is that it seems to go unnoticed that it’s the anger and rage that is TRULY eradicating one’s freedom and creating a personal prison. Isn’t it interesting how it always comes back to US! The creators of our own experience. 

Freedom. We cry freedom yet we seem to not truly know what freedom is. Our houses and material wealth have been burning down, our brothers’ and sisters’ lives are being ripped away, reflections of a peppered past, our lungs, our limbs, and our sight, decimated by propaganda.  Do we truly know what freedom actually is…? Freedom truly exists, ONLY in the mind. “None but ourselves can free our mind.”  Freedom is the neutrality of allowing what is to be, and still maintain the semblance of center and peace within yourself. All these things we think we need in order to be free are illusory. A false projection representing what we’ve been programmed to believe will set us free. But we’ve been misled. And misled directly into the vibration of fear, where we are most vulnerable. A place in the dark where we cannot see our own strength but expend precious energy being on the defensive, rather than growing from the inside, where our innate wisdom resides.  We don’t know true freedom until we literally cannot breathe.  Freedom is not in your bank account, it is not in your tax code, it’s not on a political side.  

Dr. Viktor Frankl points out in “Man’s Search for Meaning,” a book written after his time in a concentration camp in Auschwitz, “But what about human liberty? … Man can preserve a vestige of spiritual freedom, of independence, of mind, even in such terrible conditions, of psychic and physical conditions… that everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms- to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way… Every day, every hour offered the opportunity to make a decision, a decision which determines whether you would or would not submit to those powers which threatened you of your very self. Your inner freedom; which determined whether or not you would become the plaything of circumstance, renouncing freedom and dignity to become molded into the form of the typical inmate. (1)” 

Lastly, I leave you in consideration of your actions and behaviors spurned by the events around you. Are you acting from fear or from love? From separateness or oneness? Adhering to the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., “Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.” 


(1) Frankl, Viktor. Man’s Search for Meaning. Simon & Schuster, Inc. New York, 1959. 

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