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The mysterious pendulum: How it can work for you

Pendulum: (noun) something that tends to move from one position, condition, etc., to the opposite extreme and then back again.

Life: (noun/verb) something that tends to move from one position, condition, etc., to the opposite extreme and then back again.

Balanced in their movement between polars, pendulums can offer grounding and guidance. As the frequency of crystals attune to your energetic frequency and intuition, the pendulum can be used in energetic calibration and personal divine guidance.

Our subconscious, soul, inner guide (whatever works for you), carries an intelligence far more omniscient than our minds, which can be riddled with anxiety, ego, and chaotic mind chatter. Utilizing a pendulum assists in decision making, question answering, and intention setting from a more deeply rooted center of innate intelligence. It is helpful in receiving tangible, concise answers from your intuition.


Choosing your pendulum.

Go with your gut. We are naturally drawn to what we need, if we pay attention. Likely, if a specific crystal or pendulum design is "speaking to you," it will offer you the proper energetic support. You can validate this by searching healing properties of the crystal that drew your attention in the first place. There are plenty of sources online that offer guidance on crystals. So essentially, get what you like, it's probably what you need.

Calibrating your pendulum.

Your pendulum calibrates to your frequency. The more often an energy is in the presence of another, the energies start to align to each others' frequencies. The more your pendulum is around you or near you, the better you will get to know each other.

Attuning your pendulum.

The most common use of a pendulum is asking yes or no questions. To understand what a "yes" or "no" answer looks like simply ask the pendulum.

Hold the end of your pendulum between your thumb and index finger, with the crystal point hovering over the palm of your opposite hand. Say to the pendulum, "show me yes." Note which direction the pendulum is moving, clockwise, counterclockwise, or side to side. Repeat asking "show me no." Take note of which direction each answer moves.

Further you can program your pendulum. If you want your "yes" answer to move clockwise, tell the pendulum to show "yes" as a clockwise movement. Repeat with programming "no."

Play with your pendulum.

While you are getting to know your pendulum, have fun with it. Ask it questions you already know the answers to, remember to only ask yes or no questions, and get acquainted with it's functionality.

Trust your pendulum.

Here's the thing, your pendulum is not some spirit angel coming down and magically moving the pendulum to guide you to answers that seem unattainable by any other means.

Your pendulum is an extension of you. It's your vibration, your inner truth. So get real with yourself about the questions you are asking and any possible perceived discrepancies between what you think the answer should be and what the pendulum is telling you. Sometimes the truth, and what our ego minds want to be truth, don't match up. Remember that the truth will always, always, always prevail. So humble that ego mind chatter, open your heart, and trust yourself, your real inner self, to be guided to your true, full, free potential!

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